New scene for live music at Södermalm

By on July 15, 2017
Hanna Reuterwall

Hellsten’s Glashus is presenting a new live music scene focusing on original music and ease of access. The stage, called the Glashuset WY13, will be a musical meeting place for both established artists and new talent of both national and international character.

Inspiration comes from the many live scenes on Lower East Side, New York, where well-known musicians like to make intimate gigs for a smaller audience – a kind of gigs that gives close contact with fans and space for spontaneity.

– I have experienced that it’s missing a scene for high-quality live music in Stockholm, where local and international artists can meet on one and the same scene. With the Glashuset WY13 we want to fill the void and at the same time open up for quick bookings when the chance is given, says Jade Ell, music publisher at Hellsten’s Glashus.

During July and August, Hellsten’s Glashus invites live concerts with new and previously untouched material from both national and international artists. Annika Törnqvist (DaBuzz) presents with support from Daniel Karlsson (Oddjob) his solo album. The audience will also listen to new material from ManuElla, winner of Eurovision in Slovenia in 2016. Also, Swedish Hanna Turi and Jade Ell’s own duo Ell & Hart takes place on stage.

– When I book, I’m thinking of qualitative original music that may not have reached the big mass, but also on more famous names that can share new music in peeled version for audiences at an early stage, says Jade Ell.

The stage was opened in June this year by Australian pop duo Bachelor Girl, most famous for the nineties hit “Buses and Trains”. In front of the audience at Hellsten’s Glashus, new material was tested from the next album of the duo.

About the Stage Glashuset WY13:
The plays start at 20:00 and lasts until 22:00. The current schedule can be found on Hellsten’s Glashus website and on
Free entrance.

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