New restaurant at Mariatorget

By on May 13, 2017

In the old theater venues in Glashuset on Wollmar Yxkullsgatan, the restaurant and bar opens on Tuesday, May 16th. Behind the famous glass facade is now the hotel, bar and restaurant menu inspired by the owner’s own travels across the world.

Six months ago, the hotel opened. Now it is complemented by opening a bar and restaurant to the public. The room with seven feet of ceilings has a glass facade on one side and a brick wall on the other radiates a magical atmosphere.

– It will be something of New York style all over it. The wing of the history echoes in the bar. It is strangely magical to stand on the floor of the bar, which consists of a flat rock face on which people have stood for thousands of years. In the mountain there is a pattern that attracts the imagination far away in Österled, says Per Hellsten, owner.

In the menu, Per Hellsten presents his own favorites, where he has taken the vigilance to combine according to his own taste, and presents a small story together with each dish. The inspiration comes from his many and long journeys over the world over the years as an ethnographer and photographer.

– A restaurant visit should be an experience. It’s not just about the food but also the surroundings and the story that will trigger the imagination, says Per Hellsten.

At Glashuset serves dishes from the nordic cuisine, such as fjällröding, älgfärsbiff and renfilé. A favorite is Mama’s macaroni pudding with melted butter which is brought to life. The Swedish flavors are combined with exciting dishes from the world, such as Asian specialties in the form of Thai fish soup served in palm leaves as an appetizer, and Dragon Heart fruit or Mango with sticky Rice for dessert. Even dishes from Hellsten’s journeys in Africa have been highlighted.

The bar is open and here is a wine bar develop. For beer fan, there are many kinds of beers to choose from. Of course, according to the local tradition, music performances and theater will again be echoed between the walls.

The property was built in 1905 as a foundry and after that, the activities in the last half-century have been car repair shops, glass masters, printing companies and most recently dance and theater venues. The property has been converted by Hellsten Hotels into a boutique hotel with a characteristic glass facade as a modern feature in the surroundings.

– With these conditions, the restaurant has the opportunity to become unique in Stockholm, says Per Hellsten.

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