New members 2018 at Konsthantverkarna

By on January 11, 2018

Six new members have been selected to Konsthantverkarna infront of 2018 and are presented for the first time on Saturday, January 13th.

Then there is also a vernissage of Tore Svensson’s exhibition “Portrait” in the gallery

In addition, there is a new opening of the premises after two weeks of renovation.

Welcome to the festive opening ceremony at 12.00!

The new members are:

Alexandra Nilasdotter

Alexandra’s work with ceramics is inspired by architecture, industrialism and minimalism. She drejar all her objects, and works both functionally, with unique objects and installations.

Kristine Thenman

Kristine is born and raised outside Arvika, which is built with a strong and vibrant arts crafts tradition in which the ceramics and earthenware clay have a strong attachment. Kristine works mainly in just earthenware clay. There she is inspired by her local heritage, which she manages and renews in her work.

Gunilla Maria Åkesson

Gunilla works in clay. She manually builds, models and glazes the goods, often several times. She wishes to bring out a beautiful simplicity, which makes her vessel more than just a vessel.

Oskar Ek

Oskar’s production consists of producing utility goods with both unique collections and fixed collections that are more long-lasting. His Studio Ek Tableware in Gothenburg works with ceramics for gastronomic and interior purposes.

Pia Ulfendahl

Pia’s main production consists of utility goods. Curious as she is, she has probably tried most of the burning methods and techniques, but finally concluded that the paper porcelain’s clay is what she would prefer to work with.

Niki Ulfstedt

Niki makes jewelry and corpus in precious and impure metals, often in combination with another material. Her work often reflects on mobility, volatility or progress.

Shown in the window at Konsthantverkarna 13/1 – 31/1 2018.

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Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm