New look will pay tribute to Prideflaggen’s creator

By on July 28, 2017

Soon goes the starting shoot of Stockholm Pride – the year’s most colorful event, characterized by the famous rainbow flag. To commemorate the flag’s creator Gilbert Baker, who died earlier this year, Flygbussarna put a purple stripe on their ribbon during Pride Week.

– We at the airport buses believe in everyone’s equal value and hope everyone helps to create a more inclusive and open society. The pride flag today is strongly associated with these questions and our own ribbon is similar. Adding an extra color is our way to praise the originator behind the rainbow flag, said Camilla Tienso, marketing director on Flygbussarna.

The airport buses colour ribbon usually include blue, green, yellow, orange and red, but now the purple color is added as a tribute to Gilbert Baker. The rainbow colored manéret will be seen in Flygbussarnas communication throughout the week, including by refolio the Flygbuss and Door to Gate car that will roll in the Pride parade on August 5th.

The rainbow flag – one of today’s most famous symbols
Already in the 1970s, Gilbert Baker created the Pride Flag because many believed that there was a need for a symbol for the HBTQ movement. The rainbow-colored symbol is well established today but has increasingly become a symbol of equality and people’s equal value. It stands for pride and diversity among gay, bisexual and transgender people, as well as respect and tolerance for fellow human beings.

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