New installation of Venice-current Leonor Antunes

By on May 25, 2017

Leonor Antune’s floating works in the ongoing Venice biennial are among the most discussed. Now she is also up to date with her first exhibition in the Nordic region at Tensta konsthall, a sensual installation focusing on handicrafts and forgotten designers and architects. In parallel show’s the Tensta-based artist Ylva Westerlund’s imaginative drawings about a Järva after an environmental disaster.

Greta Magnusson-Grossman (1906-1999) is one of several creators as Antunes gets closer to in the atmospheric installation, where hanging plants are also a prominent element. In addition to creating interiors for Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman, the Swedish designer and architect Magnusson-Grossman designed about ten houses built on steep hills in California. Nevertheless, few people know about Grossman’s shapeless furniture and modernist houses. When she made success in the United States in the 1950s, she broke new ground, not least as one of the few professional women in a man-dominated world.

Antunes belongs to the direction of contemporary artists who enter the slow craft tradition. With precision, she creates installations that relate while educating, often bottled in the history of forgotten female designers. The works refers to geometric shapes and patterns and is inspired by the specific context in which they are performed. Antunes is particularly interested in crafts and how techniques and materials like cork, rope, leather and net travel over long distances and become part of global trade, cultural exchange and colonization. Material changes and ages like humans. We are torn, get stains and crack if we are not taken care of. The black floor of the art gallery, a work by artist Wade Guyton, is painted for the first time since 2012 in a blue color. It is the same color used in Grossman-designed Villa Sundin in Hudiksvall from 1959, which is also reflected in one of architect Lina Bo Bardi’s glasshouses in Sao Paulo.

In the entrance hall of the art gallery presents watercolors and comic drawings of Tensta-based artist Ylva Westerlund, with studio at Järvafältets Eggeby farm. She is interested in border areas, norms and the relationship between countryside and suburbs. The exhibition Den nya hjorden includes sci-fi-inspired cartoon drawings with Tensta motifs along with watercolors of interiors and exteriors from the paper mill in Husum, the artist’s hometown. The future seen through the ecology lens becomes like most prominent in a series of series drawings where a major explosion destroys the Järva area. At first sight, the images appear dystopic, but in Westerlund’s story, the disaster seems to be a possible spark for positive change, where other perspectives and new ideas can emerge.
For the fourth consecutive year, Tensta’s art gallery is open throughout the summer and allows the business to be characterized by mediation, meetings and workmanship. The porch of the Konsthall is once again an open workspace for children and adults. Konstkollon under the break is held in collaboration with Elsa Uggla and Marie-Louise Richards at KTH Tensta and the artist Filipa Arrias through Kungl. Konsthögskolan. During July and August, the porch is also hosted by various artists and craftsmen, including plant coloring and a dragon workshop on the schedule. Living aid for new arrivals and language café in Arabic and Swedish will be open during the summer as part of Ahmet Ögüt’s art project The Silent University.
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