By on March 25, 2019

At Griffin’s Steakhouse, new season requires new flavors and menu updates. Chef Mattias Dahlström and his team have been working on updating the current à la carte menu with new exciting dishes. Not only that, but also new signature drinks have entered the cocktail menu, developed by the bar team with Pontus Fernstedt in the lead.

On the à la carte menu, our classic tuna tarts have got a refinement and are now served with salmon to bring out more flavors. Burratan has also got an update and is now served together with new accessories such as brown butter, hazelnuts and tart baked tomatoes. Our classic Griffins’ Chefs burger is served with entrecôte, 36 months stored comte, piedmontese pancetta truffles with french fries and truffle dips. Also don’t miss out on testing the cod with sandefjord sauce and whitefish roe.

The drink list is now mixed with sour and sweet with a bit more stiff drinks and with a touch of humor. New signature drink Another’s pineapple invites you to a sweet mix of cherries, raspberries and lemon, with gin and limoncello. Candy 59 is a creamy blend of dark rum and condensed milk that is spiked with amaretto, lemon and salted marconam almonds, to enhance the taste experience somewhat.

For all dessert lovers has Griffins’ appreciated Banana Split made a comeback on the menu. This time as a sharing dessert for 2 people as well as Griffin’s Sundae together salt caramel, peanuts, chocolate and nougat.

Welcome to Griffin’s Steakhouse!

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm