New exhibition “It is easy as a mountain is easy”

By on January 23, 2017

Magdalena Nilsson presents her first exhibition at Konsthantverkarna, at Slussen in Stockholm, Magdalena Nilsson’s work has for several years revolved around the landscape, how we relate to it and how we describe it. 

With a background in craftsmanship, especially ceramics, the work builds on the material menmed a conceptual framework. In “It’s easy as a mountain is simply” presents Nilsson her continued work with image and decals on the pariah and porcelain. It is an investigative work which made it possible with the support of the Arts Grants Committee’s project grant (2014) and Iaspis Fellow at The Pottery Workshop Nilsson has been able to spend some time in Jingdezhen, China, the porcelain capital.

It is difficult to get an idea of the mountain; its size, weight and content, while it is beautiful. Magdalena Nilssons relation to the mountain are respectful and investigative. What could be inside a mountain? Her relationship to the mountain are also divided. She was wrestling with the dichotomy. That the man digs up and out of the mountain can never return to its original shape.

“Horizons passing over a drive. Rock and gravel piles.

I want to whittle me down into them to arrive at what lies beneath.

Everything renew and reform. Mountain broken and moved.

The clay was once a part of a landscape, it embodies and represents this new.”

The exhibition contains, among other things photographs from Iceland and a gravel heap in Lidköping, images sometimes inverted and then applied to the thin porcelain. The photographs including are taken in Iceland.

28 januari – 15 februari 2017

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