New digital service for tailored travel is tested in Stockholm

By on July 3, 2018

– Our ambition is to have the world’s most modern public transport, in the world’s most modern metropolitan area. We are already at the absolute top of the world with our mobility work, and with this new venture we take further steps towards the future. Smarter, more efficient and more tailored travel is made possible by making use of the new technology to combine different parts of the traffic, says Kristoffer Tamsons (M), traffic county council Stockholm County Council.

– Now we get the chance to show what benefits a combined mobility service can do for customers, for the city and the environment, and for our partners who can reach new customers. It will be exciting to continue the service in close cooperation with customers, says Johan von Porat, Manager UbiGo Stockholm.

– It is gratifying that we, together with several other actors, offer a service to stockholmers that make it easier and easier to choose and combine different means of travel at each individual trip and time. I am convinced that this can make more people discover new ways of traveling, and that makes Stockholm an even more sustainable city at the forefront of IT solutions, says Daniel Helldén, MP, traffic borgarråd in Stockholm.

– With Cabonline’s modern technology platform, we have prepared to easily integrate new digital services like UbiGo. We can also offer travelers high availability in the region through our brands TaxiKurir, Sverigetaxi/020 and TOPCAB. It makes us an ideal partner in the cooperation to simplify the travel of Stockholmers, said Peter Viinapuu, CEO of Cabonline Group.

– It’s fun to see that car sharing can be an important link with public transport. We all want to contribute to giving the Stockholms a better urban environment and smoother communication, and look forward to being involved in the development of this project, says Fredrik Ellsäter, CEO of DriveNow.

– The loan bikes we introduced for thirteen years have become a modern and sustainable way for residents to transport in the city, but above all, the perfect complement to other traffic types. Therefore, it feels both important and fun to be part of the new mobility offer and continue to facilitate travel for all Stockholmers, said David Klagsbrun, communications manager at Clear Channel, which operates the CityBikes loan cycle system.

UbiGo gives everyone in the household access to the most convenient way of transport, whether it’s public transport, car pool, car rental, taxi or bike – all easy and accessible in an app. The service is an example of just mobility as a service and aims to simplify the daily travel.

It is reminiscent of a mobile subscription, but instead of minutes of chat and gigabytes with surf are day included in public transport, time by bicycle and hours by car. What’s not used during the month can be saved to the next month, and it’s also possible to add more if it would run out at the account.

At present, households in Stockholm can report their interest on UbiGo’s website to become one of the first 200 households to use the service. The selection will be based on where you live and how your travel needs look. The project will then be evaluated after six months in collaboration with the EU project Eccentric.

UbiGo Stockholm is an example of a so-called Mobility as a Service service. Mobility as a Service can most easily be described as a concept – or a kind of target image for how we can move more freely in the future metropolitan areas using smart travel services.

Helena Olofsson, Travel | Stockholm