New Candy Factory, Cocktail Bar, Grädderi and Coca-Cola Store

By on April 29, 2017

It is not only world-class attractions and artists found in this year’s news at Gröna Lund. A brand new factory-style candy shop, a restaurant with cocktails at its heart, a grädderi of galettes, freshly prepared churros and the Nordic’s first Coca-Cola Store will be ready when tivoli opens the gates today, Saturday 29th of April.

A tivoli will never be completed. It is in its very nature to constantly evolve and change. Until this year, more than SEK 75 million is invested in the new fall attraction Ikaros. But in addition to that, another 15 million kronor will be invested in new experiences for the taste buds, where guests will enjoy cocktails, candy, galettes, unique soda flavors and churros.

– Our ambition is that what you eat at our tivoli will also be part of the experience. Therefore, we continue our food trip that we started a few years ago, where we constantly develop our range. This year we will be able to offer both good cocktail experiences, delicious freshly prepared delights, unique soda flavors, freshly prepared churros and a really cool candy shop, says Magnus Widell, CEO of Gröna Lund.

Candy factory
In collaboration with Karamellkungen, a brand new candy store is opened, themed as a Willy Wonka spirit factory, with brass pipes on the walls and LED screens in the ceiling.

The old Våffelbruket behind Lustiga Huset has been torn and replaced with Grädderiet, a new serving that offers different baked delights such as galettes and waffles, as well as coffee and soft glasses.

Tivoli snacks with churros
The kiosk “Tivolisnacks” outside Gröna Lund gets a long-awaited addition to the menu. This year, they will finally be able to serve freshly prepared churros, which has long been among the most sought after snacks among our guests.


On the forgotten balcony at the back of Lustiga Huset, with one of Stockholm’s finest views over Saltsjön, we build a new restaurant where cocktails are at the center. Here you will be able to enjoy different middle dishes and above all really good cocktails.

Coca-Cola Store

The Nordic region’s first Coca-Cola Store opens at Gröna Lund. With the new Freestyle machines, you can choose from over 100 different flavors and mix to their own unique soda flavor. Here you can also buy Coca-Cola merchandise and Coca-Cola Frozen drinks.

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