New breakfast concept at ILE ROI from January 16

By on January 15, 2017

Now sets Usine Ile Roi up their new breakfast buffet. We serve both hot and cold classics with a modern interpretation and a lot of tasty and healthy news.

We are investing heavily in today’s most important goals for 2017 and begin serving our new breakfast. We offer a French-inspired buffet with continental touches and well-prepared classics. We will work with simple and fresh ingredients and put a lot of focus on the health of our guests to leave the room satiated and stand well into the day.

We want to keep the raw materials as close into the producers as possible and will therefore serve our hot dishes á la minute, squeeze the juice and slice charken in the premises. We let the guest allude to their creativity and personal taste and will obviously serve both gluten-free and lactose-free options.

Sit down with a newspaper and cup of freshly brewed coffee in its simplicity, moving morning meeting at our fine premises, fill with energy after aerobics routine or choose something good from our takeaway catalog if you are on the way.

Treat yourself to a tastier morning. For reservations or questions: ,

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