New book by Fogelström is given out in March

By on February 27, 2017

In connection with the 100th anniversary of Fogelströms birth, has Stockholmia publishers now in consultation with the Society Per Anders Fogelströms friends decided to for the first time publish the author’s youth novel Den okuvliga friheten.

The screenplay for Den okuvliga friheten of Per Anders Fogelström (1917-1998) written in 1939. It was sent only to the Axel Holmströms publishers, but was not adopted. Any justification for refusen is not preserved and some processing of the script was not done, by the editor as well as writer.

The book has an introductory chapter by the Fogelström connoisseur Karl-Olof Andersson and the novel is published in the form it is, with sustained some archaic language costume.

Den okuvliga friheten is a fictional story set in a fictional future. A totalitarian superpower has occupied a small country, with oppression and hatred of Jews as a result, but also resistance struggles from Röda Liganagainst the only authorized party “battongisterna”.

The novel reflects the late 1930s fascist tendencies. In his fictional form, it is also a piece of history and a story that reflects the reality and the spirit of the times as the young Fogelström experienced, in a small country in a small town in a Europe on the brink to world war. Moreover, it is a story that in many respects again feels frightening up to date.

Stockholmia publishers have earlier in the series Monographs issued by the City of Stockholm published Karl-Olof Anderssons biography Per Anders Fogelström. Ett liv för litteraturen, freden och miljön (2013).