New band of the week in the British newspaper The Guardian

By on October 28, 2016

Death Team has just released the single “Messed Up” and last Monday, they were acclaimed by the British newspaper The Guardian.

“They have the nagging infectiousness of the best novelty pop (or worst, depending on your view), with Mayka’s breathy high-on-helium voice contrasting disconcertingly with the sometimes base messages.”
– The Guardian

Read the article här.

Death Team’s debut single “Fucking Bitches In The Hood” was released in 2014 and was a huge success, the song was # 1 on iTunes. The subsequent singles “Gold” (which was top 10 in the Global Spotify Viral Chart), “Jump” and “Dolphin Style” (where Death Team created the Dolphin Awareness Day to highlight dolphins in captivity) played all frequently on the radio.

“Messed Up” is currently # 15 on Spotifylistan Viral 50 in Sweden, listen to the song här.

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