NEW: AURA baby shawl in Summer spotted pattern

By on June 26, 2018

Ergobaby launches three new colors with spotted patterns for the baby shawl AURA.

Nobody could have avoided how trendy it is to wear shawls? To carry a little close is not only cozy, but also practical and good for the child’s development. Until the summer, three new fine shawls from Ergobaby was launched. The baby shawl Aura is perfect for the beginner and is also a cool shawl that is ideal for summer babies. The material is 100% viscose of eucalyptus and acacia and feels as easy as your favorite t-shirt.

Easy to tie with two-color edge seam
Light and cool
Supports your child
One size that fits most, from petite to plus sizes
100% viscose of eucalyptus and acacia
Dimensions: 490 x 53.4 cm

3.6-13.6 kg
Withstand machine wash 30 ° C
Integrated storage bag
Easy to tie
Soft against the child’s skin
Supports your child

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets