New arena for digital experiences

By on October 22, 2016

Under the name Digital Now starts the Technical Museum a new scene for interactive art experiences. Artists from around the world will be invited to showcase groundbreaking digital works. On October 26 inaugurated the project with three-dimensional animation, live performances and interactive digital portraits created by flies.

After the critically acclaimed exhibition Digital Revolution continues the Technical Museum to view the ongoing developments in digital technology. Starting October 26th the museum will be an arena of digital art that pushes the limits of technology. The installations are shown in different places in the museum and will be replaced and renewed by Swedish and international guest artists.

With Digital Now we want to present the most innovative, relevant and colorful interface between art, technology and interactivity. We will experience breathtaking 3-D projections, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the coolest thing in the computer games, says Min-Jung Jonsson, who recently took over as head of creative development at the Technical Museum.

Digital Now start with four spectacular works on display until the end of January 2017. Mathieu Le Sourd (MAOTIK) creates a room full of projections that the visitor will affect their movements. Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer allows digital flies reflect the viewer with “Portrait on the Fly”. During the opening ceremony the evening of 26 October the MAOTIK gives two live performances – “Six Drawingsalong with Diego Espinosa and furthermore “Omnis Immersive Performance”.

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