New Acquisition: Necklace North

By on May 10, 2017

National Museum has acquired a necklace from 2015 by artist Hanna Hedman (born 1980). The work North is made of reindeer- and sheepskin, and horns of reindeer, moose and deer. The materials relate to the artist’s background in Norrbotten. Hanna Hedman is also current in the National Museum exhibition Transformations, which will soon open in Venice.

The materials play a central role in Hanna Hedman’s necklace North. It is part of a series of eight works that she created 2014-2016. Hedman worked with materials used in a long craft tradition, but the relationship with Norrbotten goes back to her upper secondary education in Älvsbyn. She experimented with for her new material such as birch bark, reindeer skin, vril, linen and moose and reindeerhorn, which means material that not only refers to a cultural context but also originates from northern Sweden.
The National Museum’s necklaces consist of reindeer- and sheepskins, as well as horns of reindeer, elk and deer. The horns have been decorated with cut dot pattern and a part of the reindeerskin has been cut to a similar expression. The parts have Hedman bonded with linen which she braided in a traditional basket making technique used in Africa and North America, but instead of grass she has used organic lingarn from Hälsingland.

Hedman’s jewelery art brings inspiration from nature and is largely about the dark sides of life with sorrow and death. Beautiful formations can be more closely considered by repulsive body organs made of metal. Her necklace Enough tears to cry for two, which reaches all the way down to the floor, is about deep sorrow. Even in the North there are references to life and death, as well as to human overexploitation of nature’s resources. Hedman points out that the horns come from animals that naturally lost them and that the skin was bought from reindeer herders in Jokkmokk.

The acquisition was made possible with funds from the National Museum of Friends, Bengt Julin’s fund. The National Museum has no own means of acquiring arts and crafts for but collections enriched by gifts and private foundation and funds.

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