Nause is following up the success with new release together with Miss Li

By on January 21, 2018

Nause is one of Sweden’s biggest DJ acts and is behind hits like “Made Of”, “Hungry Hearts” and “Head Over Heals” but it was with “Dynamite”, which Nause broke through on a new level. The song was streamed over 100 million times, cemented on the Swedish top list for weeks and was ranked top 20 on the American Billboard Dance Chart, American Dance Radio and Club Chart UK.

From now on, Nause will be fronted by Jacob Criborn while Leonard Scheja focuses all his time in the studio.

“I’m coming to frontal Nause, I like to travel, touring, be in the studio and do a promo. Leo loves to be in the studio and will be there all his time now. Everything fell very naturally. Especially in the situation now that I’m going to invest very much internationally.”

Now, Nause is back with the new single “Aqualung” along with Miss Li, whom they have worked with for a year. Musically, Nause continues to travel from house to more electronic music in pop arrangements.

Listen to “Aqualung” here>>

“Miss Li has a great feeling in her voice and contributed just to the feeling we wanted to achieve with the song. The verse is a bit dark and the chorus has a nice piano chord, a good contrast, and mega we felt. We are incredibly proud of this song.” – Jacob Criborn

Miss Li about the collaboration: “Ever since Nause released the song” Made Of “I have been fascinated with their warmth with great admiration and I am very pleased that we are now releasing our song Aqualung together. This is a song and collaboration that laies me very warmth to the heart.”

This year, Nause celebrates its ten-year anniversary. In 2008 started childhood friends Jacob Criborn and Leonard Scheja duon Nause, but it was only three years later that they broke across the front with the singles “Made Of” and the following “Hungry Hearts”. Since then, Nause has been nominated for P3 Gold and Grammis, played at the world’s most renowned clubs, harvested global chart success and performed at several festivals, latest this summer when Nause performed at Bråvalla.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music