Nause follows up the success of a new single

By on June 5, 2017

Last Friday, Nause released self-produced new single “Summer Hangover” where the Norwegian artist OMVR stands for the song. It’s a dance pop song that will surely be played on dance floor worldwide this summer. During the last six months, the band has been working to develop its live-set in the form of adding instruments on stage and thus becoming more than a DJ act, something that feels important to them.

“It feels very exciting to give a more intimate and special appearance that feels more organic, for us and everyone who is partying!” tells Jacob and Leo. They have several gigs booked in advance, now nearest Bråvalla festival.

Duon Nause released the single “Dynamite” which became one of last year’s greatest songs and has today been streamed over 100 million times. The song was not only settled in Sweden, where it peaked both Spotify (peak # 8) and the radio peak list (peak # 18) for several weeks, but also took on the global Spotify toplist. At the end of last year, it was also the top 20 on both Billboard US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs and Club Chart UK.

Childhood friends Jacob Criborn and Leonard Scheja were early to make a name in the house world. In 2011-2012, they released the dance successes “Made Of” and “Hungry Hearts” with which they deserved both Grammis and P3 Gold nominations. They performed their first ever TV show on the P3 Guldgalan in January, played at the Swedish festival (Stockholm, CA) held in LA in October and at Youtubes grand annual celebration in New York.

Listen to “Summer Hangover” here >>

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