National Museum Week 51

By on December 15, 2016

National Museum of Design @ Culture City Theatre
Monday, December 19
The exhibition embodied open 11-18

Tuesday, December 20
The exhibition embodied open 11-18
17:00 Display in Swedish

Wednesday, December 21
The exhibition embodied open 11-18

Thursday, December 22
The exhibition embodied open 11-18

Friday, December 23
The exhibition embodied open 11-18

Saturday, December 24

Sunday, December 25

National Museum @ Fine Arts Academy
On September 4, 2016 closed the museum’s temporary exhibition rooms at the Art Academy. Now we focus on the return move to the newly renovated house where we are preparing a new museum experience. New National Museum opens in autumn 2018th

National Museum Design
2 September to 15 January 2017 shows the exhibition Embodiedongoing art craft in the borderland. It moves in the borderland between art and art crafts on the theme embodied and the twelve participating artists rooted in solid engineering and materials expertise that also challenges traditional views of what, for example, textile and glass art can be. They range in time from Annika Liljedahl, who was at Konstfack in the 1960s to Ammy Olofsson who went out from there in May 2016 and Maja Michaelsdotter Eriksson, who now goes the master’s program at HDK in Gothenburg.
Projects container: November 11 January 22, 2017 Marta Mattsson, Immortal Memories – artifacts inspired by a trip to Easter Island

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