Naprapath that’s open all summer!

By on July 12, 2017

Now the summer is finally here!

For some of you, the vacation has already started, but here at the Naprapathian Institute, we stay open all summer to be able to help you who get problems with the body.

There are few things that are as good as investing some time in their own health and summer is a perfect opportunity to start with good routines.

3 summer tips from the naprapath!

A good start to the day!

– Start the day with a mobility pass. It’s a bit like releasing the handbrake before driving away with the car. Soften your back and joints with a little dynamic stretching.

Lie the step before!

– Plan the week’s workout already on Sunday. A scheduled workout is a workout that will be completed.

You are not stronger than your weakest link!

– Now you have the opportunity to take time for that injury that never really wants to be quite good, get your shoulder a bit more moving or strengthen that part of the back you know needs to get stronger in.

Some start up with big projects in the garden, build balconies or take time to paint the summer house. Sometimes it may be a little too much at once, but to prevent lumbago and over effort we suggest that you put in some breaks, stretch muscles and joints and feel so that it does not get too much at once. For those who know that there is finally some time left to deal with the long-lasting back problem or the shoulder that muddled for a long time, or for those who need urgent help with for example neck and lumbago, you are welcome to book a time with someone of our good naprapaths. We have summer open at all five clinics in Vasastan, Östermalm, Södermalm and in Norrtälje and Åkersberga.

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Sunny summer greetings

/ Jonas and Team Naprapathic

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