Nano has released music video to “Hold On”

By on July 30, 2017

On Friday, it was finally time for Nano to release the music video to “Hold On”, a captivating short film that reflects the song’s theme of perseverance and defeating the difficult times of life. The video was recorded in Los Angeles and is produced by Prince Jackson, son of legendary pop icon Michael Jackson. For the regin stands Christopher Perez.

– I’m incredibly tagged to get out “Hold On” internationally, it will be exciting to see how the audience receives it, says Nano. It was an honor to work with Prince and Christopher, they are amazing at their job and really managed to give the video a cinematic feel.

– The first time I heard “Hold On” I felt a strong connection to the song, says Prince. It’s a very inspiring song that encourages listeners never to give up despite the challenges that exist, and we wanted the video to capture that feeling and paint an encouraging image of it.

Nano took the whole of Sweden by storm with the song “Hold On”. It was # 1 on the radio list, # 2 on Spotify’s top list, 13 weeks in the official single list, and 17 weeks as number one on Svensktoppen and has so far been streamed over 13 million times.

From Scandinavia in Gothenburg went the so far quite unknown Nano straight to the final in the Melodifestivalen with “Hold On”, then get the most watching votes and becoming the Swedish people’s winner. After that, Nano’s dream has come true and the career has really accelerated.

After the tragic terrorist attack in Stockholm, Nano was invited to sing at the love manifestation on Sergel’s square; Where politicians, artists and tens of thousands of people gathered to honor the victims and show that Sweden is united against violence and terror. “Hold On” is about strength, rescue and love and received the city’s cheers in the square.

With this music video, Nano wants to continue telling its story and inspire other people, both in Sweden and internationally. This is just the beginning.

See the video to ”Hold On”:

Listen to “Hold On”:

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