Nadia became taste master in Rinkeby

By on May 19, 2018
Nadia became taste master in Rinkeby

A paella with Arabic flavors became the winner when the first edition of the Cooking Competition Competition was settled on Saturday, May 12th. The jury, led by star chef Linn ‘Kock-Linn’ Söderström, appointed unanimous 45-year-old Nadia Houri Mediana to win.

Saturday May 12th, the first edition of Smakmästatern was held at Rinkebystråket. Four teams had to make their favorite dishes live in front of the jury and audience, on the outdoor kitchen at the Market Little Bazaar.

After two hours of intense cuisine, Naida Houri Mediana was named the first taste maker. Winning dish? A paella with Arabic flavors, with garlic bread and tomato sauce.

Nadia Houri Mediana is 45 years old, moved to Sweden eight years ago and is currently studying health care. Paellan she competed with is both her and her daughter’s Fatima favorite dish.

I grew up in Algeria, lived twenty-five years in Spain and eight years in Sweden. I like to mix flavors, and food inspiration comes from these countries. In paellan I have, for example, coriander, which gives more flavor. Most importantly, I make my paella on the grill, then it will be even better, says Nadia.

The jury of Rinkeby’s Tastes consisted of professional chefs and restaurant keepers:

  • Linn “Kock-Linn” Söderström, kitchen chef at Garba, in-house activist network TakeOver, former Ekstedts and F12 group, participants in Kockarnas Kamp on TV4
  • Jamal Ziani, owner Moroccan Coin Café
  • Mansour Ibrahim, Owner Egyptian Alomdah Restaurant, Tea House, and Fish & Meat Market
  • Laleh Maghonaki, Persian cook, lecturer, former participant in Sweden’s Mästerkock

The jury scored points individually and then counted the total.

“We judge by touch, look and, above all, taste,” says Linn Söderström, chairman of the jury. Nadia put the flavors really well, and worked methodically and focused. It seemed that she had a feeling, that which can not be described and difficult to get in a recipe.

“Both color and taste was Nadia’s right the best”, says Laleh Maghonaki. It’s extra fun to hear the story behind the dish. To see how a person’s childhood and background blends into a personal taste story.

Final participants and dishes:

First place:
Naida Houri Mediana, 45 years – paella with Arabic flavors

Second place:
Sogand Jahangiri and Yosra Bashpoul, 23 years – Persian casserole Zereshk polo

Shared third place:
Azita Naseri Tehrani, 40 years – Lasagna with own spice

Athanasoula Toliou, Konstantina Petsiava, Eleni Koliou, Konstantina Karangiozidou (Greek Association in Rinkeby) – stuffed peppers and tomatoes with tzatziki and feta cheese

For the winning recipe and more info, follow the link –

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