My great sorrow and Dj Shaya visits Dramaten& Spoken word

By on November 25, 2016

Royal Dramatic spoken word evenings have become a popular tradition since its inception in 2009. On 19 and 20 December participating poets Rojda Sekersöz, Oskar Hanska, Mariama Jobe, Kalle Haglund, Niklas Mesaros and Dramatic Theatre actors Sanna Sundquist and Eric Stern.

Spoken word at the Royal Dramatic Theatre has over the years grown and grown from a modest start in Lejonkulan foyer for over seven years ago to this day take place on the theater’s greatest scenes. Directs doing spoken word poet Niklas Mesaros who have been involved in Dramaten& Spoken word since its inception.

This season, I have been looking for artists who are both ruthless and soft. My great sorrow is such an intimate presence both on stage and in the text and Kalle Haglund was the first poet I ever saw perform on stage, my way of writing is shaped by him. I want that Royal Dramatic spoken word evenings will offer the best in the poetry scene. It also entails a responsibility to highlight those that are on the way up and surprise the audience. Therefore, I booked Mariama Jobe which I have followed from the sideline since she began competing in the resort‘s finest poet. That way we can define the scene and at the same time broaden it, says Niklas Mesaros.

Dramaten& Spoken word is poetry as performing arts with hip-hop energy and deeply personal votes: monologues about everything from love and relationships to issues of identity, prejudices and norms. With the word in focus.

Visits this time also makes the artist My great sorrow, Anso Lundin. She released her first EP My great sorrow 2012 and 2014 came the acclaimed debut album Sincerely Anso M$$. 2015 released sequel Spring/Summer -16

Tonight’s DJ is DJ Shaya.

Rojda Sekersöz
Oskar Hanska
Mariama Jobe
Kalle Haglund
Niklas Mesaros
Sanna Sundqvist
Eric Stern
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