My Fair Lady with Magnus Uggla, Nina Zanjani and Johan Rabaeus

By on May 18, 2017

My Fair Lady, one of the most beloved musicals, had its premiere in 1956. It is based on George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion about the flower girl Eliza and her meeting with another world. Now, Danish success director Elisa Kragerup puts it up in her own interpretation, including Magnus Uggla, Nina Zanjani and Johan Rabaeus in the roles. Premiere December 8 at Main Stage.

Eliza Doolittle dreams of a different life than standing in a street corner and selling flowers for small money. By chance, she hits Henry Higgins, blown up but passionate language professor who ironizes over her “untouched gutter language”.
A meeting between two worlds.
Higgins suggests an experiment on jokes – in six months he will get Eliza to speak politely! Turn her from nothing to the Queen of Saba. Eliza gets angry. Then curious. Why not? She is looking up Higgins. Gladly lessons – but on her terms.

Elisa Kragerup is one of Denmark’s most sought after director with a series of audience and criticisms successes in recent years. She has been awarded four Reumert, the most prestigious theater award in Denmark, whereof she won the award for the year’s director for two consecutive years. She is a part of the female artist collective Sort Samvittighed and is also one of the Royal Theater’s house directors. 2016 guest played her Tove! Tove! Tove! about the author Tove Ditlevsen at Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre, which was the first time one of her works met a Swedish audience. This fall she returns to make her first set in Sweden – a modern My Fair Lady.

– This is an performance about meetings that develop us as people, rubs our worldview and changes our self-image. A defense speach for that we as people and society need to open up to what we do not understand or prejudge, to develop ourselves! says Elisa Kragerup.

– Everyone may feel familiar with getting into situations where everyone else knows something that you do not know, and then you try to fit in, you would like to be accepted and respected so much that you almost waive yourself, says Elisa Kragerup.

In the main role of Eliza Doolittle we see musical debuting Nina Zanjani.

– I have a very little resistance to musicals and for that reason, I really look forward to this work. To sing replies, that I have never done so this will be a challenge. And I’m looking forward to working with Elisa Kragerup, she is an amazing artist. I would thanked yes for any damn thing with her! Plus to work with Magnus Uggla and Johan Rabaeus – I have not worked with any of them before. It’s a wacky but absolutely wonderful cast, says Nina Zanjani.

Johan Rabaeus, nowadays musical bit, plays the role of the inflated language professor Henry Higgins.

– Musical has become my thing. I like musicals when it’s done right. I have very fun experiences both of Bullets over Broadway and Cabaret. Elisa Kragerup is a director I have followed with great interest, I have seen several of her sets, which are extremely expressive in their expression, says Johan Rabaeus.

Magnus Oggla makes musical debut and his debut at Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre in the role of Elizas dad, the garbage men Alfred Doolittle.

– It’s exciting, but I’m a little bit windy too. I have made my own pub performance and revues over the years so I’m not completely green but My fair lady – it’s really a classic musical.

– I saw Elisa Kragerup’s Tove! Tove! Tove! and that was cool. She works just like I think is fun. So I’m really looking forward to working with her. And it will be great fun to be at Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre and make musical with so experienced actors like Johan Rabaeus, whom I can learn a lot from, says Magnus Uggla.

The musical My fair lady with lyrics and dialogue by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe after George Bernard Shaw’s play (1912) and Gabriel Pascal’s film Pygmalion directed by Elisa Kragerup will be premiere on December 8 at Main Stage, Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre. Tickets will be released on August 15th.
Photographer: Carl Bengtsson / Skarp Agent
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