Musical guest play by Eva Sidén

By on October 4, 2017

5-22 October, the Livrustkammaren is hosted by an ongoing soundtrack and three independent concerts with the composer and pianist Eva Sidén. Soundwall is a series of musical works by Eva Sidén based on fictional people, places and events in time and space. In the six-channel work “Soundwall I, from strawberry fields”, Eva Sidén has used original instruments from the fictional composer K’s contemporary, such as clavichord, cembalo and hammerklavier from the 1700s.

Soundwall is given in the Livrustkammaren auditorium between 5-22 October during the opening hours of the museum. The opening ceremony will take place on October 5 at 18 in The auditorium where Eva Sidén will give a short concert where she plays on an electronically processed clavichord. On October 12 at 6 pm there will be a concert with clavichord, grand piano and electronics in Stensalen with music by Eva Sidén and composers from the 16th and 1700s. The last concert is October 19th in the auditorium with clavichord, cembalo and electronics.

Based on an exploration of the instrument’s sound and character, improvisations and multi-channel recordings of the audio material, she has created an electronic multi-channel work, spatialized in six speakers. Soundwall is also a venue for concerts and performance with Eva Sidén.

– Composer K probably lived at the turn of the century 16-1700 this according to an assumption when neither birthplace nor year has been established. However, one period of his short life they know that K worked at Stockholm Castle. In 1760, K was declared dead in a manuscript, as she had not been able to be found again after a walk in the courtyard several years earlier. Unfortunately, there are only a few fragments retained by K’s music, a tone art in the “emotional style” which, according to statements, was deeply touching. K seems to her whole life has been searching for the soul of music. She worship the music saint Cecilia, there have been leftovers of a dried rose at the sacrifice site to her in the room at the castle where K worked with her compositions, taught and practiced. Spartanly furnished with a clavichord, a simple desk and a sleep alcove, and the little niche where the rose petals were found. In some letters, it is very briefly told about K, about her music and how she actually walk again on this place, says Eva Sidén.

Eva Sidén works as a pianist and as composer of instrumental and electroacoustic music / EAM, with sound and concert installations and site-related works often in collaboration with space and architecture and with art forms such as visual arts, dance and text, theater. As a pianist, Eva Sidén performs mainly as a soloist, but also as a musician in ensembles. She concerts with her own works as well as others at music festivals, concerts and museums around the world.

With the support of Stockholm County Council, Stockholm City and Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm