Music | Sturgill Simpson does two gigs in Sweden in July

By on June 6, 2016

It is with a proud and great feeling in the body that we can finally tell you that the alternative country music‘s hottest and most acclaimed artist, Sturgill Simpson, arrives in Sweden for two exclusive club gigs this summer. On July 4 plays Sturgill Simpson in Gothenburg on Pustervik, presented by Luger, Rootsy Music, and Woody West. And 5 July rolls Sturgill to Stockholm for a concert at Berns, presented by Luger and Rootsy Music.

It goes fast now for the 38-year-old Sturgill Simpson. He released the self-produced A Sailor’s Guide To Earth on April 15th. It went straight to number one on Billboard’s country rock and soul-lists, and the number three on the big Billboard 200 list immediately after Prince both albums Purple Rain” and “The Very Best of Prince”. Overwhelmed reviews in all major US, European and Swedish press and almost daily and acclaimed appearances in the major American talkshows.

Sturgill Simpson had with his groundbreaking album “Meta Modern Sounds in Country Music” a substantial and unexpected breakthrough. Critics and audience joined hands and consistently rave reviews followed by sold-out tours and acclaimed gigs at the biggest festivals. Sturgills gig at Way Out West 2015 was ranked by many as one of the year’s highlights. Dave Cobb produced masterpieces quickly established itself as a modern classic in alternative country music and country music fans all over the world finally saw a worthy heir to Waylon Jennings and the other immortal but still slowly dying Outlaw-stars. With the new “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth” proves that he is just what he is. But maybe not in the way some countrypuritaner wished … Well then, Stugill is a clear heir to the likes of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, but just as much to other stubborn and unruly geniuses such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Marvin Gaye.

Sturgill Simpson comes to us with a full band, a straight back and a set of amazing songs. We receive him with the deep gratitude we feel for artists that once again reminds why music and not least strong original artists is so important.

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