Music | Sara Welff releases a new Singles

By on November 21, 2015

Sara Welff, 27 years old, from Enskede in Stockholm releasing her second single You can own all rooms,” and at the same time takes a big step forward in her music creation.

After releasing her debut single When the street lights comecomes now the sequel “You can own all rooms.” Single will be released after a period of focusing on the musical maturity and to provide confidence in the texts.

“I have focused the past six months on creating new material,says Sara Welff in a statement. It is important to surround yourself with good and sensitive musician who can make the most of my expression but also inspiring,continues Sarah

In spring 2015 came Sara’s debut single When the street lights come“, it got a good reception and gave Sara inspiration to continue working with her artistry.

Texts is always in focus and the theme is often relationships between people,” says Sara.
Participates on the recording, in addition to Sara, makes Johan Kvarnström, Erik Lanner and Ulf Magnusson.

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