Music | Samling releases a single and goes on tour

By on October 23, 2015

19/11 Malmo, Folk & Rock
21/11 Gothenburg, Pustervik
28/11 Lund, Mejeriet (support to the Deportees)
18/12 Stockholm, Debaser Beach (with Dolce)

On October 23 Samling releases the album “Then I forget how you look their darkest and most honest collection of songs to date. With that in the back the band goes on tour, where we can finally present the first four dates. Great news, according to us and many others!

Samling is the group that began by taking a group photo before even rehearsing together. Most of the many band members learned then to know each other while laboriously wrote songs for the 2011 debut album “When the rumble deadens our ears, we become afraid.”

To Max Groundstroem because vision added a half-dozen others. Some stamped Samling as prog, others were content to say that it was a long time ago – if ever a Swedish band so euphorically combined opinions with groove. In the end, it became Swedish rock music from elsewhere.

When the Samling now is back with a new studio album, the band’s third, it is the result of one and a half years of hard work. Then I forget what you look like,” which is released on October 23, is the band’s darkest and most honest collection of songs to date. The dark are balanced by a poetic lightness and harmony, the fuzzy, psychic filter which is Samling“.

With the album in the back Samling goes on tour that will stop in both Malmö, Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

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