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By on June 25, 2016
In early June reconquered Roxette charts and radio waves around the world with their tenth albumGood Karma” and the first single “It Just Happens”. Now it’s time for the new single “Some Other Summer” to take over the baton.

The Swedish super duo has spoiled their global “Roxer -fans and millions of radio listeners with seductive and haunting pop melodies ever since their debut with the summer single “Neverending Lovealmost exactly 30 years ago and “Some Other Summer” is not likely to disappoint anyone.

One listening and you have the chorus humming in the head while images of balmy evenings, warm beaches and lazy days swishes past. A classic summer single, pure and simple.

But for Per Gessle is the song anything but a result of the classic songwriting. With Some Other Summer” he got to think again and think new.

I’m schooled in the 60s where pop song has different elements that verse, bridge and chorus – and where even the chords are different in the different parts. But today it is common to use the same chords throughout the song and instead only vary the melody.
So for me it was a fun challenge to see if I could write a song with the same four chords over and over again, without it becoming tedious. And the result was “Some Other Summer”, which also set the tone for the entire album because it was the first song we recorded. Pretty decent for a beginner, says Per Gessle.

“Some Other Summer” also released four number of remix versions by Alexander Brown, Patrick Jordan, Didrick & TRXD

The album “Good Karmahas since the release June 3 lain Top 10 located in eight countries

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