Music | Roxette cancel their summer gigs

By on April 24, 2016

On June 3 Roxette would have started the completion of its global RoXXXette 30th Anniversary Tour that began in 2014. On the advice of Marie’s doctors are now all gigs canceled and thus are Roxette’s touring over. Their last concert was in Cape Town’s Grand Arena on February 8 earlier this year.

Marie Fredriksson: “It has been 30 fantastic years! I feel only happiness and joy when I look back at all the gigs around the world during this long period of time. I am particularly proud and grateful to have come back after my illness in 2009 and played us a few more laps around the earth! Now touring is over for me and I thank our amazing audience who have been on the whole trip. I look forward to the release of “Good Karma coming in June – I think it’s one of our best albums ever! “

Per Gessle: “Who would have thought that this little hobby band from Halmstad would stand on major international stages for 30 years! It has been a remarkable time that lasted virtually throughout our adult lives. Thanks to all musicians and collaborators along the way, thank all the wonderful fans, all you who listened and spejat, encouraged, expected residual, sung and laughed and cried. Without you had nothing (and I mean NOTHING!) worked. And a special loving thanks to the majestic Marie, the voice of the Amazon, the Goddess of the stage, the fervent interpreter of my humble words and music, the amazing adventure that took us up to the mountain top. My God, what a great view we had! Now is Roxette’s tour life over. Sure it was fun? “

On April 8 released Roxette’s latest single “It Just Happens” and 3 June, their tenth studio album, “Good Karma“.

Purchased tickets are refunded at your local store.

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