Music | Miike Snow release the new single “Genghis Khan” and a album in March

By on December 6, 2015

Miike Snow release the first official single “Genghis Khan” from their upcoming third studio album iii that is released on 4 March. The album follows up 2012‘s acclaimed Happy To You and contains 10 brand new tracks.

The album iii conceived for a long time, starting already in late 2013 and continued during the next two years with the recordings in New York, Los Angeles and Stockholm. The three musicians began with various songs and juggled music files between each other during the process when they could not be together in the studio. The result is Miike Snow’s most innovative and creative works so far.

We have so much trust and respect for each other. Nothing feels better than Miike Snow. The pieces just fall into place. Christian Karlsson.

It’s classic Miike Snow sound,says Pontus Winnberg, but taken to a new level.”

The start of the band’s comeback took place last month when they released the song “Heart Is Full” with accompanying music video. The single “Genghis Khan”, which is available on all platforms is a powerful pop song with clear soul influences.

Miike Snow was formed in 2007 by Swedish producers Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg (aka Bloodshy & Avant) and American singer Andrew Wyatt. Two years later, they presented their self-titled debut album with which they came to be hailed in Sweden as well as internationally. Miike Snow quickly made theirself a name in the music scene with their distinctive electronic pop that can be heard on songs like breakthrough single “Animal” and at acclaimed live performances around the world.

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