Music | Josef Johansson newly composed Christmas song “Christmas card by Vårby Gård”

By on December 1, 2015

Josef Johansson is back with newly composed Christmas song Christmas card by Vårby Gårdas the past few days attracted attention and acclaim in blogs and social media.

Joseph’s track record is already long since debut single “Baby, Baby” which was released in summer 2013. The debut single was played a lot on radio and Josef Johansson got to go on his first tour in Sweden. At the same time he was named the year’s Ted Gärdestad Scholar. The success continued with singles “All night,” and Looks can kill,” which he wrote with Orup. In the summer of 2014 the success of Josef Johansson was confirmed when he was nominated for a Rockbjörn in the category breakthrough.

Winter 2014 Joseph released the single “Quiet Game” which became a YouTube rocket and a great talking point in social media. The hit led to a summer tour in 2015. Now Joseph is back with an original Christmas song which he does with the singer Nina Mira. As always stands Josefs unique text in focus and he mixes it with melodies of Philip Åhlman and popproduktion signed Fasaden.

The text include a small tribute to polar bears and his second homeland Island where he retrieves large parts inspiration for his creative work and songwriting.

Christmas card by Vårby Gård” was released on Friday along with the music video that Josef has directed and produced together with Gabriel Tiedke.

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