Music | Jonathan Johansson brings out his three pop album on an exclusive tour

By on October 23, 2015

In early 2016, Jonathan Johansson go out on an exclusive tour under the name Trilogy”. After his latest gigs where he is described as “one of the best we have right now(Aftonbladet) and that he takes the audience into heaven(Metro) makes the suggestive samtidsskildraren three gigs with the focus on her three albums Lebensraum”, the Wailing Wall” and “A hand in the sky”. The albums will be presented in chronological order, every night, and all three in their own visual framing in Sweden’s three largest cities. The tour begins at Storan in Gothenburg February 26, 2016, continues to Malmö Live the day after and at Circus in Stockholm on 6 March.

Jonathan Johansson has had a successful year. The album “Lebensraum” was released last spring, which remains one of the year’s top rated Swedish discs. In the spring, he went on a sold out tour in Sweden, the summer he spent on the country’s largest festivals, and right now he is out on an autumn tour with club gigs that also continues in Denmark.

In early 2016, Jonathan Johansson makes long exclusive gigs in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. On “Trilogy” tour, his three pop albums will be performed (seven, eight songs per album, all three discs each evening) with strong visual setting. This is to give back to the fans who often have asked to hear the songs live which have fallen during the years, and also to go back to the albums like wholes they are, and to do so in chronological order “A hand in the sky” (Grammis- and P3 Gold nomination 2009), the Wailing Wall”(three Grammis- nominations 2011) and Lebensraum(2015).

Yes, Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Trilogy” is my way to give back to all the faithful and the infidels fans with performances that I think will be hard to forget. Long evenings, fat candles and songs that were not recorded in years, maybe songs that have never been played, says Jonathan Johansson.

Trilogy” will premiere on 26 February.

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