Music | Emma Liambi Single Debut “I Said No!” out now

By on April 10, 2016

Swedish/Zambian Newcomer 2016: Emma Liambi Single Debut “I Said No!” out now.

The fresh and modern Pop/Soul song “I Said No!” from Emma Liambi comes with her suggestion that creativity is free, that your music and your lyrics are free – that you as a person are free to create whatever you love – you only have to do it – thats it!

Use your Smartphones and iPads etc. to make a difference. Write a song, paint a picture, tell a story. It never had been easier to create something and tell the whole world about it. SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Emma Liambi will be a name to remember. Her voice, her lyrics, music and her style is a glimpse at the future. Emma Liambi a young intelligent girl with a strong message: “Stop to consume only and all the time – discover your talent by creating something, instead of only watching what others do – just try it!” she said.

Click here to listen to Emma Liambi >>

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