Music | Cherrie / Leslie Tay – four exclusive concerts in Sweden this fall

By on October 23, 2015

October 30 – Malmo, Babel (RMH / YOUMEH BABEL PARTY)
November 7 – Uppsala, Katalin (support to Norlie & KKV)
December 10 Stockholm, Debaser Medis (support to Norlie & KKV)
December 12 – Gothenburg, Pustervik (support to Norlie & KKV)

Cherrie and Leslie Tay two names that will undoubtedly be there when the Swedish music in 2015 summarized going on joint tour in the fall. You see them in both Malmö, Uppsala, Stockholm and Gothenburg, among other things as support for Norlie & KKV.

If Seinabo Sey had 2014 best voice thats 2015 belongs to Cherriethats how Per Sinding Larsen introduced Cherrie when he told us about the 2015 hopes. Cherries first single, Tabanja”, has been recognized and praised by critics, bloggers like other artists in the industry.

Sherihan Cherrie” Hersi was born in Oslo after her parents fled Somalia in 1990. She spent her first years in Lojo, Finland before the move went to Rinkeby in Stockholm.

Although music has always been a big part of her life Cherrie began her career first for 2.5 years ago when she among others took part in Abidaz song “One Day”. But it was when Cherrie met producer and songwriter Leslie Tay who in his turn introduced her to producer Amr Badr that her first solo track became the song “Intro” which she released as a 1 minute and 40 seconds long video on YouTube.

A new Swedish R’n’B hope has been born and media noted her steps. Cherrie released her first single Tabanja” at RMH Sound and the song has been shared diligently and received tremendous support from the industry, artists and others,
including Joel Kinnaman. Tabanja is slang for gun, from the Turkish language tabanca.

Leslie Tay
Already when he was 12 the carpet was ripped under the feet of Leslie Tay. An absent father and an unsympathetic environment created a vacuum that was filled by Sofie. It was the only stability of an edge bearing life. It was a getaway of familiar paths and corners when Sweden burns.

Sophie. Sofielund. From a cozy estate named after the lord of the manors wife Sophie to a shocking example of the Swedish segregation. Sofielund is a bubble where it is now growing up a generation for whom the question “What will you be when you grow upis almost impossible to answer. A nursery of hopelessness. Dreams Bermuda Triangle. Every helping hand is turned off and armies of young men sprints straight toward societys wall at the edge of the bubble. LeslieTay is by the bubble.

For 12 years, Leslie Tay worked at his handcraft. The midst of the contemporary turmoil and a place where the future is something abstract leads to a young man get to see and experience a lot of things he should not. In Leslie Tay songs live echoes of Seveds Plans ghosts. There are stories that have never been heard before in Swedish pop music. Not like this. Not so close to the skin. Reflections of the street mercilessness and there are questions without answers. Whose fault? Is the bubble that refuses to let go of Leslie and his environment? Or is it they who are too scared to let go of it? All we know is that the romance with Sophie still underway, and no one knows if it will have a happy ending.

Leslie Tay is current with the EP “12 Years“, acoustic version of Norlie & KKV‘s No other touch me like youand the upcoming mixtape Sketches and SMS”.

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