Music | Bo Kaspers Orkester ready for Furuvik 18/6

By on April 27, 2016

With strong influences from jazz, pop and Latin music, Bo Kaspers Orkester created a genre on the Swedish music scene. It will soon be another tour for the Grammy-winning band and this time is Furuvik one of the tourstop. On 18 June stands the Bo Kaspers Orkester again on Furuviks Big Stage.

They have long been regarded as one of Sweden’s most popular live bands. For nearly a quarter century, Bo Kaspers Orkester mixed pop, soul, jazz and songs of classic songs such as “She‘s so cute,” “Let me come in,” “We will never die” and “In the same car.”

After the singer Bo Sundstrom’s involvement in So much better” in 2013 is now Bo Kaspers Orkester again current with new material. The eleventh album “Ready to go broke” is a return to the band’s jazzy roots and recreate the presence and feel that conveys the band during their gigs. Bo Kaspers Orkester, that received the highest rating in a review in Daily News during their last tour, return to Furuvik for a gig on 18 June. The last time the band was in the park was in July 2014.

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