Music | Are you Beautiful in Bikini?

By on July 1, 2016
Today releases artist Dr. Love the song “Beautiful in Bikini” which is about all women, no matter how you look, should be proud of her body and enjoy the summer!

Dr. Love, or Algot George Sergio Åberg that is his real name, is the son of a choppy struggle organizer and was born in Aruba in the 90s. George had a vision to build an orphanage but it made him unfortunately bankrupt after a miss assessment in the budget. It also got him to move to Sweden and Bagarmossen and focus on the music instead. Under the stage name Dr. Love releases he along with his love patrol, uplifting music with a message of equality and happiness.

Dr. Love welcome the following:
All people are equally beautiful, both Carolina, 30 and Henrietta, 70 years.”
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