Music | Ace Wilder is back – with the song “Selfish”

By on June 4, 2016

Following the success of “Do not Worry”, which took Ace Wilder to third place in the contest this year, it is now time for the new song “Selfish”. Sound-wise, taking “Selfish” Ace into new tracks, where you may not be accustomed to seeing her.

I’ve been ‘selfish’ in my life, says Alice. I hate to admit it but it’s a fact. The title is so self-explanatory that a song title may be, the message becomes even clearer if you look at the video.

Ace Wilder (Alice Gernandt) broke through with the song “Busy Doin ‘Nothin’ 2015. Already five weeks after release the song had sold double platinum in Sweden and remained # 1 on both Spotify radio list. “Do not Worry”, released in March, has already streamed over 5 million times on Spotify and low top 10 throughout the spring.

The song “Stupid“, which was released last summer, we have been able to hear in one of the world’s hottest TV series. Lena Dunham chose the song for the new season of “Girls,” which premiered in February this year, the other Swedish artists heard in the series is Robyn and Icona Pop.

Listen to “Selfish” on Spotify här and on iTunes här. See the video här

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