Movie | 100 years since the execution of Joe Hill – film screening and live calls

By on November 18, 2015
On November 19, 100 years ago Joe Hill was executed in Salt Lake City. On the centennial day, Albert Bonniers Förlag together with Folkets Hus, and Parker, Royal Library, Studio S and ABF arrange a viewing of Bo Widerberg newly restored film Joe Hill. The film is followed by a live discussion with the protagonist Thommy Berggren and author Göran Greider, up to date with the book The cities that recall Joe Hill.
During the early 1900s, Joe Hill emigrates to New York. Joe manages to get some work, but struck by the inequities that prevails. He is active in the banned union IWW, International Workers of the World. Prohibition exists against demonstrators and agitation speech, but Joe comes around this by singing the propaganda songs in Salvation Army’s name. More and more people are starting to listen to his manifesto of strikes, but at the same time provide himself powerful enemies.
On November 19, 1915 Joe Hill was executed for a murder he almost certainly did not commit. When he was buried tens of thousands of people marched in the streets to pay tribute to his memory and sing his songs.
The film screening will start at. 18:00 and the subsequent conversation between Thommy Berggren and Göran Greider is led by Jannike Åhlund. The conversation takes place at Bio Rio in Stockholm but the film and the call is live broadcast in 11 cinemas around the country:
Bio Rio, Stockholm
Spegeln, Malmo
Roy, Gothenburg
Röda Kvarn Helsingborg
Ersboda Folkets Hus, Ersboda, Umeå
Kallhälls Folkets Hus, Kallhäll
CNEMA, Norrkoping
Kino, Lund
Bio Roxy, Orebro
Röda Kvarn Sävsjö
Panora, Malmo
Folkets Bio, Jonkoping