Motel Hell becomes Grönan’s worst horror house on Halloween

By on October 17, 2017

In a dark and abandoned motel among desolate rooms and corridors, sometimes dragging steps and desperate child scream are heard. The old mirrors on the walls contain more than the dim reflection of the curious and lost guests. They hide a dark story. A story about victims, missing children and a desperate mother’s battle against dark forces. Do you dare to check in at Motel Hell?

Motel Hello, whose last o is extinguished, stands on a lonely and forgotten road. The rumor whispers that it is haunted, that the place it stands on is an old sacrificial grove from the heathen time. Legends talk about long ships that in the ancient days added and brought their children’s victims to the place to please their gods. And something answered them. A dark force with great hunger for the souls given in tribute. A power that always seeks new victims.

The old motel attendant Beata Frick and her seven children have long been mysteriously lost. The only thing that was found was a short message written on a lookup in her diary. It sounded, “a life for a life, a trade for a trade”. It is said that Beata Frick haunt’s the motel, searching for guests to please the hungry power to get her children back. And sometimes wonder lost guests up to the door of the desolate house, which is always unlocked. Everywhere on the walls hangs mirrors. At first sight they look no more than old and worn out. But looking deeper, one meets of the desperate hands from children and adults once caught in the dark dimension of the house and desperately looking for a way out.

– We have visited a variety of horror houses in other fun parks around the world and wanted to bring some of the worst homes to us. If you want to rate the horror experience, this is definitely a five on a five-grade scale, says Johan Lotsander, project manager for Halloween at Gröna Lund.

Between October 27 and November 5, it’s time for Halloween at Gröna Lund, where the new horror house Motel Hell will stand for the worst horror experience on tivoli. Motel Hells different rooms are being built as a maze in the area where the Radio cars are today and are being made in collaboration with Arclight, a company specializing in thematization and special effects.

Halloween at Gröna Lund is for everyone, both horror lovers and families with children, where the little area offers a cozy autumn feeling with friendly witches, pumpkins, a busy children’s show and a ghostly Pettson o Findus house. In the Big area you will find cool Halloween environments, a fire show at the Big Stage, a zombie zone and four horror houses. All attractions are open if weather permits (except Flying Carpet, Free Fall and Free Fall Tilt).

Helena Olofsson, Entertaiment | Stockholm