More tickets are released to Laleh’s summer tour

By on July 2, 2017

There is no doubt that it is a long-awaited summer tour that Laleh launches! In addition to festivals at Bråvalla, Olavsfestdagene and Storsjöyran, there are seven great outdoor concerts in July and August. The pressur on tickets is big and in several cities the tickets have been sold out. Now it is clear that, due to production technology, more tickets can be released for sale in both Gothenburg, Stockholm and Dalhalla.

The tickets are available at this time via

On September 16, 2016, Laleh released her sixth critically acclaimed album “Kristaller”, which in February she was awarded 2 grammes in the category of the year’s producer and the pop of the year. Kristaller has dominated the top lists with the singles “Bara få va mig själv” and “Aldrig Bli Som Förr” and Laleh has been streamed more than any other Swedish-singing artist last year. In the fall she made a celebrated arena tour with over 50,000 concert visitors including a sold-out Ericsson Globe.

Unlike the autumn’s tour with big orchestra, it’s now one with a pop band she goes out on the roads with this summer. At the tour stop in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Eskilstuna and Varberg, they will be a very special concert experience, as the audience not only will experience Laleh but Lisa Ekdahl and Sousou & Maher Cissoko.

Tour dates

29.6 Norrköping, Bråvalla
30.6 Göteborg, Trädgårdsföreningen – Several tickets released
14.7 Varberg, Societetsparken – Few tickets left
15.7 Stockholm, Skansen – Several tickets released
21.7 Rättvik, Dalhalla – Several tickets released
22.7 Eskilstuna, Sundbyholms slott
23.7 Borgholm, Slottsruinen – Sold out
29.7 Östersund, Storsjöyran
2.8 Trondheim, Olavsfestdagene
3.8 Helsingborg, Sofiero Slott