More concerts than ever on Dramaten’s scenes this spring

By on March 5, 2018

Mwuana, Rebecka Törnqvist, Peter von Poehl and Niki & The Dove as well as Lisa Hannigan & The Colorist Orchestra and El Perro Del Mar take place on Dramaten’s scenes in the spring. Five concerts that all get their special frame.

– In 2018, Dramaten will speed up the meeting between music and performing arts with a larger concert program than ever before on our scenes. A concert at Dramaten will be anything but a concert elsewhere, concerts are given in scenographic rooms, with actors and modern dancers who share the stage with artists and musicians. The design varies depending on how the artist chooses to use the theater’s tools, but more than just a concert it will be all the times, says Helena Seth, Program Director for Dramaten& who puts the concert program on Dramaten.

Lisa Hannigan & The Colorist Orchestra and El Perro Del Mar April 17th on the Big Stage
Double concert with Irish singer-songwriter star Lisa Hannigan and EP current El Perro Del Mar, artist name for Sarah Assbring.

Peter von Poehl on May 9 in Visual Video Framing on the Little Stage
Singer songwriter Peter von Poehl, together with the video artist Sebastian Dupouey, created a specially-written concert at Center Pompidou in Paris in the fall of 2017. Now it is given for the first time in Sweden. Peter von Poehl won the Golden Baggen 2018 for best original music to Jens Assur’s critically acclaimed film Korparna and this spring releases the Sympathetic Magic album in Sweden. On stage are also the pianist Martin Hederos and the American multi-instrumentalist Larry Mullins.

Mwuana May 15 on the Big Stage – raw meets gold
Mwuana released the P3 Gold-Awarded Triller in 2017 and has been acclaimed for his raw, honest expression. He alternates personal self-proclaiming lyrics with tougher melodys, just as he alternates rap with song.

Niki & The Dove with dancers on 22 and 23 May, in the Message to Maria scenography on the Little Stage
The Swedish duo Niki & The Dove, composed of singer Malin Dahlström and producer Gustaf Karlöf, in a performing arts meeting with dancers from the Royal Opera.

Rebecka Törnqvist and an actor May 28, in Autumn and Winter scenography on the Little Stage
Rebecka Törnqvist’s latest record Home Secretary, has been described as her best so far. Here she is accompanied by Dramaten actor Andreas Rothlin Svensson and eight musicians, including the string quartet Kvarts. The music is framed by more or less personal spam messages.

– Making music, together with these people, in a living room on a Dramaten stage will be very, very fun. I’ve worked with everyone on stage earlier, but never in this combination, and never in this way, says Rebecka Törnqvist about the upcoming gig at Dramaten.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm