Molly Sandén is back with new music in Swedish!

By on August 22, 2017
Bror Bror

Last Friday, August 18, Molly released the single “Rygg mot rygg”.

Listen to “Rygg mot rygg” here >>

“Rygg mot rygg” tells about a young woman’s heartache when the perfect facade that she built up began to crash, about the search for her own identity, to take power over her own life and refuse to live in someone else’s shadow. It describes the feeling of being on the way off without be able to taking the decision. When both know it’s over but no one has yet take the step. About feelings of sadness, endless emptiness, turning and twisting.

Although songs about broken hearts are a common theme in pop music it feels like new ground for Molly Sandén when she is now taking the step to write about heartache in Swedish. Together with her producers and co-composer, she worked without musical reference frames to find her own place, A place she now feels she has found. Rygg mot rygg is written together with Victor Thell, Maria Smith and Kevin Högdahl.

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