Modern Gallery showcases art

By on March 16, 2017

Modern Gallery showcases art by Agneta Gynning & Jon Holm in conjunction with Art Fair Market 23-26 March 2017

Jon Holm, a master of painting, his skill with the brush fascinates, both in technique and choice of motives.

The sometimes suggestive image world of cliché saturated motifs, borrowed references both the characters and the visual references rarely leave the viewer unmoved. Perhaps his greatest strength is portrait painting, where sometimes the viewer can look dumbfounded overview of the contrast between photography and painting.

Many of his paintings contain motifs of modernism totalitarian inclinations and marked by 30-century ideals and ideology.

His images often take the form of a consistent borrowing motifs from known and unknown artworks, magazine pictures, postcards and films.

The painterly play an important role in his pictures.

He demonstrates a skilled craftsmanship and a great talent for composition, he places his figures and objects thoroughly and carefully.

Agneta Gynning works with sculpture in different materials from cool and austere bronze and marble to rubber. Her art manages to combine influences of both classical and modern. It is inspired by the subconscious and in the works fit a constant sense of movement and liv.Agneta Gynning had her first exhibition in 1995, since then her work has been shown in Scandinavia, Florence, Paris, London, New York, Miami and Shanghai. In Sweden, you will find her sculptures both in the public and private collections. .

Agneta has several sculptures in public spaces in locations including Stockholm. Where three of the sculptures are purchased by Skanska and placed in the Film City in Solna and two are purchased by HSB and is located in Kungsängen. A sculpture is purchased to Vellinge Municipality and are in Skanör.
In addition, Agneta often special orders to companies in the form of small sculptures in numbered series.

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