Moa Lönn “Pending Perceptions” 4 – 23 April

By on March 29, 2017

In this spring’s premiere exhibition at Barklund & Co, Moa Lönn raises questions about global change, life’s fragility and human responsibility. The exhibition draws from the human every-day life and the relentless natural processes that surrounds and fulfil us all.

In the new ceramic wall piece “Pending Perceptions” the artist view is focused on visual perception, what we choose to see and what we choose not to see. Changes in the society, like in nature, happen gradually and when we look back after having chosen to stare in another direction we find that the small and gradual changes is a normalized part of everyday life. How we as humans gradually chooses not to see or not to meet another person’s eyes.

The exhibition also includes:
“Flickering Lights” (2016) a two-channelled installation, with claymation shown on thin fabrics and accompanied by a sound installation developed together with Simon Wimmer. The central figure in this installation is an educational example of evolution – the butterfly called Peppered moth.

”Organic Compositions” (2015) a short film with specially composed music by Simon Wimmer. The short film was originally made for the exhibition Inside Out, on the occasion of the 500 anniversary of Andreas Vesalius (professor of anatomy at the University of Padova, Italy). This piece is inspired by the illustrated works “De humani corporis fabrica libri septem”, published in 1543 by Andreas Vesalius.

Moa Lönn graduated at Konstfack in 2009, from the department of Ceramic and Glass, and she is currently based in Uppsala. Her art combines ceramics with claymation and invites the observer to a story beyond the fired works. Through the time-based motion storytelling and the three-dimensional sculptures, a new dimension is revealed within the ceramic field.

The exhibition is produced with support from Stockholms stad.

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