Mizuno Corporation Sweden becomes the official supplier of footwear to Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run 2017

By on March 2, 2017

Japanese Mizuno now becomes the official supplier of footwear to the big running race Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run 2017 that is performed at March 25. Mizuno is addressed to the passionate, aware and serious practitioners and produces shoes, workout clothes, and sports products of the highest quality including running, handball, volleyball, tennis, rugby and golf. The cooperation around Stockholm Tunnel Run 2017 City Line concerns footwear product.

– It is very pleasing that we can now offer our participants in the race a large and established quality brand of running shoes from the Japanese company Mizuno. Through this collaboration, we are further reinforcing the value for participants to take part of specially selected deals on these quality products, says Tomas Hoszek Secretary General for Lidingöloppet.

Lidingöloppet has after application to the Swedish Transport Administration had the opportunity to use the City Line service and evacuation tunnel arena for the race Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run. The race is organized March 25th and will be approximately 7.6 km.

The exercise race Tunnel Run Stockholm City Line will only happen once, then the tunnel will remain closed to the public. Participants will have an unforgettable experience while running.

– Mizuno has since 1906 built up a very strong brand with excellence and always strive to produce products that increase performance, increase the physical pleasure and have a great comfort and unique function. On Tunnelrun 2017 Mizuno participate as a proud partner of the shoes, says Linus Karlsson, responsible for Mizuno’s operations in Sweden. We look very much forward to seeing experienced Mizuno runners as well as new ones in connection with the Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run 2017!

Lidingöloppet arranges Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run 2017 that is performed at March 25, 2017. The race is about 7.6 km long, of which 6 kilometers are located below ground in the new tunnel at the city line. The race has space for about 40,000 runners, the race starts at the Karolinska Institute and the goal is at Medborgarplatsen in Södermalm. Co-organizer is Midnattsloppet.

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