#MinaKvarter, a photo competition for increased diversity within higher education

By on March 27, 2018

Stockholm Science City and Kista Science City will arrange a photo contest on Instagram in spring 2018 to highlight the talent, curiosity and creativity that exists in residential areas with great potential to contribute to Sweden’s future. An initiative to increase the interest in technology and science among young people from study environments, thereby increasing diversity in higher education. In 2018, the competition will be open to residents in the Järva area of Stockholm, ie the neighborhoods Akalla, Husby, Kista, Hjulsta, Tensta and Rinkeby.

Demand for people with higher education is rising and in order to increase Sweden’s competitiveness it is important to recruit all talent. At the same time, today, it is twice that commonplace that young people with college educated parents move on to higher education than those whose parents only have upper secondary education. As education levels in several of Sweden’s areas are significantly lower than in the country as a whole, there is a great potential for increasing Sweden’s competitiveness and the diversity of society that is reflected in higher education.

“Diversity and cross-border cooperation are becoming increasingly important for the development of new knowledge and new solutions that involve society and individuals.” – Johan Gómez de la Torre, Stockholm Science City

The theme of the competition is Creativity and Curiosity and is performed at Instagram where the contest grants are tagged with # MinaKvarter2018. Through the choice of theme, we want the participants to portray their surroundings in an exploratory and playful way. The aim is to de-dramatize and increase the interest in technology and science among young people from study environments. At the same time, #MinaKvarter helps to nuance and challenge the image of the Järva area.

Winners will be appointed by a jury and will be presented during Järvaveckan 2018. Selected contest entries will be published on Instagram account @MinaKvarter and in place under Järvaveckan.

Others who are with and contribute is Stockholm University, Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institutet, The Global Village, My Dream Now, Canon, Fryshuset Husby and Vinnova.

Read more about #MinaKvarter at https://www.minakvarter.info

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Järva