Mil after mil of model railroad through Summer Sweden

By on December 25, 2016
When 38 skilled modelers from around the country gather at the Museum of Technology on January 3 to 7 creates a tremendous view over a summery Sweden one day in July 1967. Total puts a railroad tracks which in real scale would be over 20 mil long.

Every part of the landscape offers its own story – someone just roller with the loaded wheelbarrow, a new couple in love waving goodbye at the train station and the miners on their way to their workouts in the underworld. Several landscapes and buildings are exact copies of real locations with originals in Dalarna, Bergslagen, Mälardalen and Småland.

The richly detailed landscape fascinates both the youngest and those who were with when scenes played out. We who are with have put in hundreds of hours on our modules, and to build together and to present them to the audience at the Museum of Technology is like inviting to a big party, said Seth Olofsson, one of the initiators of the group Swedish Summer Modules.

The modules are built each one individually by enthusiasts from different parts of the country, and this is the first time that summer landscape built together and presented as a single large model.

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