Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park to Sweden for a concert!

By on July 7, 2018

There is only one Mike Shinoda. The iconic co-lead vocalist in Linkin Park, with its musical rap-expressions, has colored many of the 00’s and 10’s and continues to do so today. With the recently released album “Post Traumatic” written in the aftermath of the band’s colleague and friend Chester Bennington’s tragic passing, Mike Shinoda is currently on tour. On September 3, he will come to Stockholm and make a long-awaited concert at Berns.

Mike Shinoda is the songwriter, artist, producer and film musician, best known as a member and co-singer in the multi-platinum selling rock band Linkin Park. Their first album, Hybrid Theory, is the best-selling debut album this century and has become Diamond-certified in the United States.

Linkin Park is acknowledged for its dedicated fan base and great following on social media.

With 61+ million likemarkings, the band is the biggest ever on Facebook. Their YouTube channel is followed by 12 million subscribers and their videos have been watched over 5.5 billion times. With 55 million albums sold worldwide and honorary awards such as 2 Grammy Awards, 4 MTV VMA Awards and 10 MTV Europe Music Awards in the luggage, it’s not hard to imagine what a huge hit the band made in the 00’s and 10’s.

In the aftermath of Linkin Park member Chester Bennington’s tragic suicide in 2017, Mike Shinoda has worked his sorrow by writing music. In January 2018, he released three track EP’s “Post Traumatic EP” that was followed early this summer by the full-length album “Post Traumatic”. The album is about the mourning process after Chester’s death and is transparent, honest and insanely vulnerable. Despite the title, the album is about much more than just sadness, although that’s where everything starts. It’s an album about healing.

”It´s a journey out of grief and darkness, not into grief and darkness” – Mike Shinoda

So far, 8 music videos from the album “Post Traumatic” have been released and generated in over 25 million views on Mike Shinoda’s own YouTube channel.

We are pleased to welcome one of the world’s most famous voices – Mike Shinoda – to Stockholm and Berns on September 3th.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm