Michelin star tavern Vollmer guest play

By on August 24, 2017

For its clear skånska flavors and clear Skåne character was Vollmers 2015 awarded with Malmö’s first Michelinstar. In February this year it was time again when they got their second star, and this autumn they guest play at Brasserie.

The brothers Mats and Ebbe Vollmers are practically grown up in the kitchen, with five generations of restaurateurs in the family. After a time of international culinary trips in separate directions, they finally concluded in Malmö and Vollmers was born in 2011. With locally sourced raw materials, all of which are excellent in the distance on the menu, and modern cooking techniques they want to bring the skånska gastronomy to new levels.

That they are now assigned two Michelin stars, they see it as a receipt for a good job, but they do not stop for it. Instead, it drives them to continue to develop and perform better and impress even more on their food-loving guests.

That’s why we think it’s a bit extra fun that Vollmers this autumn is making a guest play at the Brasserie. On September 18th, starting at 18.00, Mats Vollmer with his team stands ready in the kitchen to give us Stockholmers a taste from the Skåne mill. A unique opportunity where the number of seats is limited, so book your seats on time (with binding notification).

For booking, please email book@brasseriet.se or call 08-518 398 20. When booking, it is important that you state any allergies.

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