Meet the world on autumn holidays

By on October 21, 2019

Go to a museum during the autumn holidays! Bring the family on exciting shows and create together. Travel back in time to ancient heroes, hear about Dia de muertos in Mexico, follow adventures among Korean guests, or create eerie ghost masks.

The autumn holiday starts on October 26th and lasts until November 3rd at the Ethnographic Museum, the Mediterranean Museum and the East Asian Museum.

Skeleton workshop at the Ethnographic Museum
Learn about the Mexican tradition of Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead). In honor of this, we create skeleton puppets of hardboard and much more in the workshop. There are also family shows every day at the museum!

Heroes of the Mediterranean Museum
In all cultures and all ages, daggers have appeared in reality, in myths, as status symbols and tools. Come to the Mediterranean Museum and discover ancient heroes, weapons and armor! In the workshop you can paint and decorate your own wooden dagger.

Ghost autumn holiday at the East Asian Museum
During the autumn holidays, the Japanese and Korean ghosts occupy the East Asian Museum. Based on both countries’ rich horror tradition, we build monster masks and create horror figures in clay. In addition, scary monster guides are held every day for the whole family.

November 2–3 – Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead)
For more than 30 years, the Mexican feast Dia de Muertos has been celebrated at the Ethnographic Museum, a day to honor the memory of the dead with celebration and fellowship for the whole family. The weekend offers a variety of activities and experiences at the museum, such as the craft market, face painting and dance and music performances. There is also a sacrificial altar, a Mexican sacrificial altar to honor the dead. Dia de Muertos is organized in collaboration with the Mexican society, the folk dance group Mexico Lindo and the mariachior orchestra Fiesta Mexico.

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